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News: Winter Update - Double Event Weekend
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Winter Update - Double Event Weekend

Whats New

We are excited to announce our Winter Update ! 
-New druid aggresive spell - Exevo Vene hur ( Venenum Wave )
-Over 30 new items added (Including items with lifesteal attribute)
-Over 10 new monsters 
-2 Huge quests ( 1 dungeon, new rorina part 6 ) 
-Lifesteal gems - Useable only on Wands
-Fixed multiple hole locations where players couldn't go up/down properly.
-Fixed multiple stair bugs around the map.
-All of new items/monster stats will remain hidden on wiki untill they are looted/killed.
Also during this weekend there will be Double Event Weekend !
+50% chances to loot rare/epic/legendary items

22.12.18 06:06:12
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