World Transfers

We had lots of questions, when the world-transfers will be enabled.
We have been waiting untill both of worlds will be equal - and that already happend !

Transfer cost ? Untill friday 18.01.2018 its free

How to transfer? Simply login on your account at then click World- Transfer

However, USA2 world had different upgrade system, and players was able to upgrade the weapons way higher than +9, due to that reason during character world transfer all upgrades from items will be removed.

16 Jan 2019

To join it you need to type !join mtb command after a proper broadcast is displayed. The command works only within protection zone, where a character must be standing when the battle starts or it will not be allowed to participate in the event. Up to 100 players can join. They get teleported to a random arena and split into 2 teams: blue and red. 
Every character has 3 lives and when it loses all of them, it gets teleported back to a place from which it was taken to the event. Players from a winning team get a 5% increased experience bonus and players from a losing team get 3% increased experience bonus. In case of a draw all players get 2% increased experience bonus. Player who gets most frags during the event is also awarded with a unique medal with added inscription. 
There are no items loss / death penalties during MTB event. 
The experience bonus lasts for 12 hours.
The event will be hosted twice a day
20:00 CET time
20:00 GMT+5 (02:00 CET) time for north/south America players

Monster Points System ! 
From now on, for killing each of listed monsters, you will gain 1 point. 
After collecting enough amount of points, you will be able to spawn for you and your team unique Boss.
To spawn the monster, visit new NPC called Monster Master located at center of Heavenia.
Monster points list click HERE

New tasks has been added:
-Bloody Mages
-Sleepy Hollows
-Soul Hunters
-Prisoned Sinners
New items has been added to NPC Gheed:
-Death Blade
-Guardian Boots
-Bright Sword
Castle raids events : 
-Fibula Castle raids will start properly now at all times
-Thais Castle has been reworked, monsters won't spawn in unreachable places anymore
Exp boost scroll :
From now on, exp boost scroll will lasts for 3 hours after use. Doesnt matter if you die or relog. 
To check time left use command !expboost
From now following items are upgradeable via Bloody Lifesteal Gems:
-Melee weapons (axes,swords,clubs)
-Distance weapons (crossbows,bows)

 All of the changes will be implemented after tomorrow server save.

02 Jan 2019
Update / Fixes

-Area after Witch Agatha teleport has been remapped
-First part of Zepar Storyline Quest (Demonic brother of Rorina) has been added ( Witch Agatha teleport ) 
-Heavenia area has been revamped
-Poeple who finished POI, can use now shortcut teleport directly to Teleport's Room place
-Heavenly Wand damage has been increased, lifesteal added
-Diamond Wand damage has been changed to static

All of the changes will be implemented after tomorrow server save.

26 Dec 2018
Merry Christmas !

WAT team, would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! We would also like to wish you a happy upcoming 2019 and we hope that the new year will bring everyone happiness and much enjoyment!

Everyone received a christmas gift which is 3 extra days of Golden Account ! 

Happy Holidays and thank you all for staying with us, lets hope that we still have many years to come !

23 Dec 2018
Winter Update - Double Event Weekend

Whats New

We are excited to announce our Winter Update ! 
-New druid aggresive spell - Exevo Vene hur ( Venenum Wave )
-Over 30 new items added (Including items with lifesteal attribute)
-Over 10 new monsters 
-2 Huge quests ( 1 dungeon, new rorina part 6 ) 
-Lifesteal gems - Useable only on Wands
-Fixed multiple hole locations where players couldn't go up/down properly.
-Fixed multiple stair bugs around the map.
-All of new items/monster stats will remain hidden on wiki untill they are looted/killed.
Also during this weekend there will be Double Event Weekend !
+50% chances to loot rare/epic/legendary items

22 Dec 2018
Winter Update !

Comming Soon !

20 Dec 2018